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    Open Playground - Mark Wright: can we create a collaborative tool for young people that crosses the digital physical-divide? Sponsored by the European Commission as part of the CRe-AM project in association with FACT, artplayer.tv and University of Liver...

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John Court Interview
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John Court Interview

Spacex Director, Nicola Hood, visited John Court at his studio in Lapland, Finland during the summer of 2012. This short interview is the first of two parts that offer an insight into how Court starte...

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  • 04/10/2012
MAstars Film Prize 2013 - Stephen Murray
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MAstars Film Prize 2013 - Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray is the first recipient of our new MAstars Film Prize. In January 2014 we caught up with Stephen and Andrea Kusel, the curator who selected him for MAstars, to find out what he's been up...

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  • 10/02/2014